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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! For some of you, that greeting could not have come fast enough. Of course, we know that the problems we’ve faced in 2020 won’t go away simply because we’ve entered a new year. In regard to COVID, at least, there seems to be some encouraging news on the horizon. Time will tell how our country will acclimate to new presidential leadership, and the challenges that might present themselves in 2021. As Paul encourages Timothy, the most important posture Christians can take, regardless of differing opinions about politics and policy, is one of prayer (1 Tim 2:1-3). As we enter 2021, I am going to challenge you to pray like Jesus throughout the month of January.

“Praying Like Jesus” will be the focus of our first sermon series of the New Year, and will be modeled on the things that Jesus prays for in the Lord’s Prayer. Focusing ourselves on these things not only aligns our prayer life with what Jesus find most important to pray for, but can have the function of ordering our priorities as well. We pray for the things that we find most important. I can’t help but wonder: “If we truly prioritize what Jesus prioritizes, how might our church’s ministry be impacted in 2021?”

One final note: as we enter 2021, I want you to consider how your physical church involvement might look this year. For the longest time, we have encouraged people to stay away; and if that is necessary for you, please continue to do. A time will likely come this year, however, when doing this will be less appropriate for a lot of our membership. Throughout last year, we were reminded that there can be a risk connected with church involvement. If you are willing to risk eating at a restaurant or seeing a movie, as well as attending social gatherings and civic functions, might your service and connection to your local church body also be something worth risking? Just something to consider.


Pastor Matt

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