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Joy, Unity, New Staff, etc.


Life with you has been a joy in this season! In our times together, I have experienced a genuine sense of unity. We have a group that prays for this, among other things, every Tuesday morning. I so appreciate them, and all of you who contribute to our fellowship and ministry for the Lord.

Ricky and Clara have been working together to plan activities, fundraising opportunities, and ministry experiences that support spiritual development and discipleship for children and youth. As we move forward, I want to continue to see these two groups mesh together to create a unified ministry in support of discipling our families. Our SMBS teachers play a big role in this, as well. They have seen in increase in kiddos, and I am grateful for their faithfulness in teaching them!

If you missed the announcement in our last business meeting, Angela Grenwelge as joined our office staff as part-time secretarial assistant. Tell her “congratulations” when you get a chance, and pray for her as she continues to “learn the ropes.”

As our fiscal year winds down, I encourage you to be mindful of our year-to-date budget standing. It is published in our newsletter, and will be printed weekly in your bulletin. Remember that as you give to our budgeted needs, you give to MINISTRY that we have committed to support as a church. In addition, pray for our budget and finance committee as they begin to meet to work on proposing next year’s budget.


Pastor Matt


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