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This past weekend, Luke and I went to a fast food establishment in Llano to pick up a quick meal. The person who took our order wore a charm with a figure praying on it. I don’t always use opportunities like this to make conversation, but this time I did. I told her I liked her necklace. When she responded positively, I asked her if she worshipped anywhere in Llano. She said she does not, but has been thinking about trying some churches in town. When I told her I am the pastor at FBC, she followed up with sincere and enthusiastic questions, and said she plans to visit.

Whether or not she really does remains unknown to me. I mention the conversation simply because I almost did not have it! I know, pastors are not supposed to be shy and hesitant to invite someone to church or talk about God, but we can be. Through this conversation, I was reminded that God can use even these small moments to nudge someone to take steps that will bring them closer to God, and possibly help them find a place within our fellowship. I encourage you to be intentional in similar interactions as Christmas approaches, as people tend to be more open to spiritual conversations this time of year.

Please take note of the end of year Christmas events and services, as well as the office closure and schedule over the holidays. Ministry opportunities for 2024 are also listed and forthcoming. I’m fortunate and blessed to serve alongside you as we prepare for a New Year together!


Pastor Matt


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