Wednesday Night Safety

Dear Parents and Youth 


This has not been your typical year for anything.  Our country and community have faced a lot of changes.  There are folks that see things differently regarding our current situation. 


With that being said, our plan is to have Youth group with a few modifications. 

We have a safety team that keeps an ever watchful eye on traffic as well as other potential dangers outside church.


Entering the building.

  1. We ask that all youth use facecoverings in the hallways.  Give consideration to those you are passing the hallways for social distancing.

  2. We are asking our adult leadership to do the same.

  3. We ask that if students are sick, fever or experiencing symptoms similar to COVID, please stay home and make sure you are healthy.

  4. If you have children in Kids4Christ, we will not have adults ready to checkin children earlier than 5:30PM.  Please do not drop them off any earlier than this as they will not be adequately supervised.  We ask that you respect this for their safety and ours. 

  5. Checkin will not be done on the Ipad.  Please respect directions by adults as you enter for Kids4Christ.  Youth will check-in during youth group.

  6. Additionally, if you are choosing to drive, please do not park on Luce St.  There is a parking lot on the north side.



During the Meal

  1. Youth/Children will be served in one line by volunteers.  

  2. There will be sanitizer at the front of the line.

  3. Do your best to social distance during meal time.

  4. Meal will begin at 5:45.  Youth will begin at 6:15 upstairs.

  5. We ask that you do your best to social distance.

  6. We also ask that parents come to the meal as well.  They are welcome to help serve the meal from week to week.  Please contact Craig at 214-801-7298 for details.  There are Bible Studies for adults that occur at the same time as Youth/Kids4Christ


During Youth Group

  1. We ask that you use facecoverings while in the hallways/stairs.

  2. Use of pool table, etc is suspended for the time being.

  3. Youth room will be divided into three sections, Jrs/Srs, Fresh/Soph, JH.  Please respect the placement of seating.

  4. At the conclusion of youth group, we are asking that all students check out with their small group leaders. (Name, time, how they are getting home.)


Outside of Youth Group

  1. We are going to do our best to provide online content in two forms, Facebook live and short YouTube videos weekly/biweekly as an addition to our Wednesday night presentations. 

  2. Our adults are going to try to be more proactive in contacting students outside of youth group, through txt, email, postcard. 

    1. During our five month "Spring Break" I learned that personal connection was one of the things that lacked in students across the state.  Relationships are critical to the development of our youth  

  3. Respect will be key to all of this.  Please help us respect each other. 

  4. Parents, we will try and do a much better job of communicating with you. 

    1. As always, our website is and 


We will continue to update as needed.  Please make sure your email and phone number are current in our database.  Please email Craig at to make sure he has correct information 

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