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Who's Your One?

“Who’s your one?” I’ll be continually asking you this question next month, and for several to come. As we emphasize evangelism in this spring season together, you will be challenged to identify one person you know who is “unchurched.” Unchurched means just that – they do not attend, or really understand what compels us to be involved in church (i..e. – the Gospel). They may say they are Christian, but this is more due to a family or political identity, rather than a relationship with Jesus.

How hard will it be for you to do this? According to Lifeway research, close to 2 in 3 unchurched Americans say they have multiple Christian friends they interact with regularly. In other words, it should not be very hard if you simply look around. Unfortunately, only 3 in 10 unchurched Americans (29%) say a Christian has ever shared with them one-on-one how a person becomes a Christian. Only slightly more say a Christian has told them about the benefits of participating in a local church (33%) or the benefits of becoming a Christian (35%).

Are these figures true for our church? If we were to poll our church, how many of us would say that we did not share our faith with even one person last year? How many of us would say that we invited an unchurched person to our service, or to an event? I’d venture to guess, not very many. And one of the biggest reasons is because we often do not talk about, or teach about doing this. But we will!

Hear me out: this isn’t an attempt to make you feel bad or uncomfortable. None of us measure up (myself included). It is about equipping our church to put action behind what it says it cares about (read our mission statement to see the importance we’ve placed on evangelism). Whether you consider yourself “gifted” in evangelism or not, I hope you will be open to how God might challenge you to participate in it, using your own unique personality and abilities.


Pastor Matt

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