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Serve Someone 2021

Church family,

I pray it has been challenging for you (as it has been for me) to be encouraged to “Pray like Jesus” – specifically, regarding the Kingdom of God. If we pray like Jesus, then we live like Jesus. This Spring, we will emphasize living like Jesus in regard to the way he served through an emphasis called “Serve Someone 2021.”

Our church mission statement prioritizes service as the first of three actions that we are primarily concerned with. This is not because service is more important than the other two (evangelism and discipleship); but rather, because service is the disposition that enables the other two. Jesus came to proclaim the Gospel and trained 12 disciples to help in this endeavor, and the vehicle (so to speak) by which he did this was service. Matthew 20:28 tells us that “. . . the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Throughout Serve Someone 2021, you will be encouraged not only to understand service as something that you participate in periodically, or even as one or two things that you commit to regularly, but also (and primarily) as a general disposition to which you are called as a servant of Christ.

Let me be clear: this is not merely an effort to get you to “do stuff for the church,” or to bolster our programs and activities. While you will hear me emphasizing ways you CAN serve with our church and other ministries in our community, you will not hear me DEFINING service as being exclusive or exhaustive to these things. My biggest job as your pastor is to EQUIP you, not to TASK you. I hope you see my heart for this shining through in the midst of all that we do. I love you, and it is a pleasure to serve alongside you!


Pastor Matt

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