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Protecting Yourself from Fraud & Scams

Over the last couple of years you have probably noticed that there has been an increase of unknown numbers calling your phone, suspicious emails and "too good to be true" ads on social media. If you're like most people, you probably think "I'd never fall for a scam like these." But these scammers are getting more creative everyday. What about the scams you can't see? What about your loved ones? Do they know what to look for?How do any of us know what to look for with the ever changing methods of these scammers?

This has been something that has been on my heart especially during the time of the COVID crisis. People are hurting and desperate. Unfortunately during desperate times, the scammers go on the prowl and prey on good hearted people.

This week I contacted Sergeant Les Hartman with the LLano County Sheriff's Office to help come up with a community awareness presentation on scams and frauds. Sgt. Hartman has first hand knowledge of the foreign and local scams that have cost some in our county unbelievable amounts of money.

The presentation is called "Protecting Yourself from Fraud & Scams" and will be presented by Sgt. Les Hartman Sunday March 7th at 6PM in the FBC Llano Sanctuary and will last about an hour. This is open to anyone who wants to attend so please invite your family, friends and neighbors. We will also be live streaming this on our facebook page which can be found by clicking here.

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