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Pastor Matt's Corner

  • Dr. Matt Richard

God is at Work!

One of the neatest (and most important) things about being a pastor is having the privilege to tell you all where I see God at work in our church! Here are a few areas:

1. We are seeing visitors regularly. With pews being marked off and the practice of social distancing being encouraged, you may not have noticed, or not been able to connect with them as easily. From my perspective looking out on you all, however, I’m seeing regular visitors, many of whom are repeat attenders.

2. I am having lots of conversations about the Gospel! A couple weeks ago, I started meeting with a group of 3-4 guys in our church for a six-month period of intentional discipleship. Craig and Tammy have been doing the same with groups of men and women, respectively. Seeing their desire to follow Jesus and lead others in doing the same is refreshing, energizing, and contagious!

3. Nursery and children’s church are the fullest they have been since I have come. This has created a need for a new nursery worker (contact the office to apply) and additional helpers for children’s church (contact Beth to serve on a rotational basis).

All of this being said, NOW is the perfect time for us to prepare to go through the “I am a Church Member” class together. I met with Adult/Youth SMBS teachers this past Sunday, and nearly all are excited and on board for this time together, starting October 11th. If you are a new member (or considering becoming one) of our church, you NEED this time to better understand what committing to FBC Llano means. If you are a seasoned member, others NEED your perspective. God is at work in our church, and I believe he wants to use US to equip one another as we continue to strive to be the church he is calling us to be in Llano, TX!

I’m excited and grateful to be your pastor during this time.


Pastor Matt

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