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Everyday Disciples

This month, we will begin an emphasis called “Everyday Disciples.” As part of our mission, we believe that discipleship, or “growing in God’s love,” is an integral part of what we do. The faith that we believe and share should influence how we live. This does not happen without submitting ourselves to processes that shape and challenge us to follow in the example of our Lord and Savior.

I want to make something clear as we embark on this journey: discipleship is not reading a book, attending a Bible study, or even reading the Bible. Rather, these are things that aid and foster discipleship. If we engage in practices like this and think we are following Jesus by doing them, we miss the point. The point of discipleship is for our lives to mirror Jesus.

As I challenge us to be “everyday disciples,” I will encourage us to give ourselves to practices that can help us grow in three ways: 1. Individual discipleship; 2. Family discipleship; and 3. Communal discipleship. For individual and family discipleship, resources will be made available in both physical and digital formats that you can use in personal and family time.

Communal discipleship, however, only happens in (you guessed it) community! Our main “vehicle” for communal discipleship is our Sunday morning Bible study classes. Because of this, our Bible study leadership are going to be challenged in special ways to foster communal discipleship in our church. Of course, for this to happen, YOU must take the challenge to engage with a class.

I pray God blesses us as we strive to grow in his love, together!

Pastor Matt

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