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Communal Discipleship

I love seeing and hearing how our different Bible study groups are encouraging one another along in discipleship. One group is taking it upon themselves to paint their own classroom, as well as a church hallway. Another group borrowed the church bus and went to visit a couple of church members who have moved several hours away. A Bible study leader told me that after he shared his testimony (per our challenge), a class member asked if he could share his next, even though he had never really done so in a public setting.

Once upon a time, Bible study (or Sunday school) was something the whole family attended out of a sense of duty. While there were pros and cons to this “duty approach,” one of the results was that disciples were not so much made in the process, as were program participants. Please don’t receive our “Everyday Discipleship” emphasis as an attempt to lay extra guilt or obligation on you to be involved in “the program.” I believe most of us carry too much of this around, already!

While encouraging discipleship (growth in becoming like Jesus) does involve routine and a sense of duty, it must also be intentional, above all else. That is what this emphasis is about.

One mentor of mine used to say that “people go where they are cared for, and prepared for.”

Bible study teachers and members – what are you doing to care and prepare for those you want to see in your class?

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