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Attitude is Everything – Choose a Good One

If you have been in worship lately, you know that it is getting difficult to fit everyone, while still keeping pews marked off. This is a good indicator, because it demonstrates that many people feel safe coming to church again. We will keep a watch on local coronavirus cases throughout September, and hopefully start making more pews available if numbers continue to decrease. If you are still not ready to return to worship, that is understandable and ok. You can continue to see the service via facebook and our webpage. Know that you are on our hearts and minds, even if you are absent from our physical gathering.

  I don’t know what the coronavirus is going to do, but even given this uncertainty, I would not want to be anywhere other than FBC Llano. I’ve loved serving alongside you as we’ve provided meals, a drive-in movie, and engaged in worship over the last several months. As we prepare to return to our regular Wednesday night ministries, I’m excited and optimistic for all that our future together holds.

  During last Sunday’s sermon (Sunday, August 16), you might remember me mentioning the wall decoration in our beach house that read: “Attitude is everything – choose a good one.” In the midst of uncertainty, illness, personal struggles, and even disappointments, many of you have modeled a good attitude over the year I’ve served as your pastor. This is encouraging and energizing to me and inspires me to continue serving the Lord alongside you.

  Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything. I love you and am praying for you!


Pastor Matt

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